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Coding Programs

Adira Coding Academy specializes in semi-private and private classes where children can learn and explore at their own pace, instilling passion for coding and combining with creativity and critical thinking.  Extensive refocus on projects resulting in high quality apps and games.

Block Coding


Scratch beginner

Ideal Scratch coding beginner series. Build games, stories and animations.


scratch advanced

Covers the most advanced topics in scratch. Learn the concepts of AI and Machine Learning.


Roblox game development

Dive into game development using a no code game development platform and deploy games to the App store.

Minecraft Lake

minecraft code to mod

Learning to Code Games, Stories, and Cool Buildings - Bring them to Life in Minecraft.



Hands on experience with coding and simulating your own robot!

Abstract Lines

Line Coding

Get Started Coding with Python in this Exciting course by creating interactive programs.
Web Development
Learn the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript
Learn Professional game development through the Unity Game Engine.

Stand Alone Courses

Computer Circuit Board

Electronics Design

Get started with the basics of electronics and circuit design.

3D Printing

3D Printing

Looking for ways to turn your imagination into a physical model that you can hold?

Learn how you can use the power of 3D printing to make your dreams into a reality.

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