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Adira Leadership Academy will build, empower and guide the next generation of global leaders by offering student curriculum that teaches critical life skills for social emotional growth and graduate to foundational leadership skills: communication, goal setting, decision making and relationship building.

Adira symbolizes power, strength and nobility - qualities that we strive to build in our students.


Sunanda is a passionate leader with a double Masters in Electrical Engineering from University of Texas and Liberal Arts in Management from Harvard University. Her passion for teaching started in middle school where she taught elementary math and Science and continued to teach computer programming to graduate and undergraduate students. Currently, she works in the Dell Technologies CTO Office managing strategic programs and operations. She is also a passionate mentor to early-career women and supports STEM programs for underprivileged girls through corporate initiatives.

Sunanda Pepalla

Founder, CEO

Harvard in tech spotlight: Sunanda Pepalla,

Chief of Staff at Dell

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The Adira Leadership Story: Sunanda is excited to bring her passion for teaching and leadership experience to build, train and empower the next generation of global leaders. She built this curriculum because she strongly believes that the next generation of children will need to be ready for an unprecedented global and diverse workforce where social, emotional and adversity quotient will determine success, not just mastery of traditional subjects. Children who learn life skills through formal education will build the foundation of successful leadership which are: effective communication, confident decision making, ability to set goals and systematically achieve them with resilience and grit and build networks of meaningful relationships that support and build them long term.

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June 30, 2020

Tellus Mind

Highly recommend their historical super heroes activity book. I like the choice of gender diverse BIPOC super heroes featured, quotes, challenges and unique  mindful exercises and activities in the book. Hours of learning and fun at the same time.
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Dec 11, 2020

Harvard in tech spotlight : Sunanda Pepalla,

Chief of Staff at Dell

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